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"Delizie dei Nebrodi" is the proprietary brand of Di Vincenzo family for over 30 years with passion produces and sells typical products Nebrodi using traditional processing methods. The company, in fact, has as its objective the discovery and exploitation of these products.
The strong point is the quality of the raw materials used, always only fresh products carefully selected season, and the scrupulous care and attention in all phases of production (from preparation to packaging).


The Company "Delizie dei Nebrodi" presents a wide range of products: from jams and compotes, sauces ready for main courses and side dishes, mushrooms and canned vegetables in oil, using only high quality raw materials and methods handicrafts and traditional workmanship.
It is also able to supply the cheese and salami Nebrodi.


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The productions of "Delizie dei Nebrodi" are entirely made in the laboratory of properties dell'azineda, with highly skilled staff and in full compliance with all rules of hygiene and food safety.


The company Delizie dei Nebrodi company is also holder of the "IDENTITALY" brand that uses for the production of products not related to the Nebrodi and Sicily territory. The company holds the industrial patent for the production of cheese and food products in the shape of Sicily. In addition, the Delizie dei Nebrodi, recorded the "identity card" indicating the history, origin and the type of processing of every single product, thus making it unique.

Delizie dei Nebrodi

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98030- Santa Domenica Vittoria (ME)

Phone: +39 095 925020
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